A Few Helpful Resources for Homeschool Parents Trying to Find Work-from-Home Jobs

With the word "work" and the root word "home" (from "homeschool") in this website's name, I get a lot of spam from disreputable sources about "work from home" options. Similarly, I spend a great deal of time on the How to Work and Homeschool Facebook page banning spammers.

It's tiresome but necessary. Nothing rattles me quite as much as people preying upon stay-at-home moms and dads, especially when they're trying to figure out how to work and homeschool.

At the same time--whether they're just starting our with homeschooling, dealing with a temporary financial setback, or preparing for an empty nest--I know that some homeschool parents need good online resources for finding paid, flexible work.

If you're in one of those situations, here are some good places to help you get started--bearing in mind that this is not an outright endorsement by me of any of them.

The Work at Home Woman
With the goal of helping "women find remote jobs and businesses that they love" this site provides tips and tricks as well as a helpful newsletter. The related Facebook page is a useful read, too.

This site "curates" remote positions tech, marketing, customer support and so forth.

Purportedly "the world's number one job site," there's a wide array of job options here, but beware "sponsored" ads.

Popular for its commitment to transparency, Glassdoor does a good job of vetting companies. According to this story over on Pennyhoarder.com, you'll find work-from-home jobs by selecting "Remote (Work from Home)" in the search bar.

This option is best for people with college degrees and professional training. That said, I've been surprised lately at how much work I've captured through my own private LinkedIn page.

The Balance: Best Work from Home Jobs 
This last entry is actually a collection of pages from TheBalance.com has a great round up of work from home job options and website leads. (I will say regarding the entry for Craig's List, caveat emptor. Yes, some good local jobs may turn up there but so can a lot of scammers.) 

-- Pamela Price is a former academic and career adviser at The University of Texas at Austin. She's also the author of How to Work and Homeschool (GHF Press, 2013). You can find her here at HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com, on the HWHS Facebook page, or her main blog (RedWhiteandGrew.com).


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