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As of summer 2019, this book is no longer in print.
The Facebook page remains active.

Author Pamela Price of RedWhiteandGrew.com


When we officially began homeschooling our child formally due to his peanut allergy, I struggled as a parent.

Although we had homeschooled since birth, I'd never intended to be a permanent "homeschool mom," and I really wanted to maintain some semblance of a professional career. Around the same time, I also took on the responsibility of overseeing care for my own elderly, disabled parent. I wondered: Can anyone realistically homeschool, work, and be a caregiver at once? And can she do it while maintaining any sense of self?

With time, practice, and extensive research for my 2013 How to Work and Homeschool book (now out of print), I discovered not only that one can work and homeschool but that lots of parents have done so successfully. Many of them have even discovered at the experience provides them with a tremendous opportunity for valuable personal growth. Some, even after a hiatus from the working world, have returned to it as better employees, freelancers, and managers. Still others maintain rigorous caregiving and/or volunteer schedules alongside homeschooling.

Today I'm committed to sharing practical, proven success strategies with other parents.

So much of the homeschool literature focuses on curricula and children's needs that the emotional and intellectual needs of the parents are overlooked. As an advocate for working homeschool families and a parent educator, I strive to cultivate the well-being and satisfaction of adults and children. That's because I believe that approach is essential to the long-term success of everyone involved.

That's also why this website and the corresponding Facebook page exist, so that I can support and nurture working homeschool parents.

I hope you find these resources useful. Please feel welcome to share them with like-minded parents.


Pamela Price
Author, Writer, and Parent Educator

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