Join Us on Facebook for Our New How to Work and Homeschool "Theme Weeks"

Lately I've been tinkering with "theme weeks" in which our Facebook page community gets to work through challenges and opportunities inherent to working while homeschooling. The response has been fantastic, especially to our "Big Questions" series that featured questions like this one:

My plan is to host at least one theme week per month, although sometimes there may more. Basically, as long as it seems to foster community, we'll keep working with the model. As a demographic, we're busy and spread out across the country globe. Still, just like any other group, it's nice to chat between ourselves and learn what works and what doesn't for other folks.

If you haven't already found and followed us on Facebook, I hope you'll take a moment to do so. And stay tuned to this site where I'll soon launch a new series featuring interviews with real-life working homeschool parents from all walks of life. It's a project that I've been wanting to do for awhile, and I'm eager to see what you all think.

25+ Helpful, Awesome Facebook Pages for Homeschool Parents and Families

Maybe you're new to homeschooling and are just getting your bearings. Or perhaps you're a seasoned homeschool parent seeking some inspiration. Either way, the following compendium of quality Facebook pages will give you food for thought. 
Some pages are large; others, small. Some target homeschoolers, and others have a more general academic focus.
Still each of the following pages offers ideas, reliable links, information, and, in some cases, services to homeschool families.

Find and follow your favorites, and soon you may find that your Facebook feed feels a little smarter.