Suddenly Homeschooling a Gifted Child

Editor’s note: It’s a privilege to share this post by Australian writer Kathleen Humble. And while this content is geared to parents of gifted children, there’s plenty to be found of note for all parents in her recommendations.

Stuck at home with the kids, working from home, freaking out? 
Here’s some simple steps to get you started with gifted or twice-exceptional (gifted/2e) learners.

Don’t Panic!

It feels like we are in a disaster movie at the moment. 
If you feel overwhelmed, sad, terrified, and angry? That’s cool. That’s normal. 
I started homeschooling my gifted and disabled kids over 10 years ago because I had no other good choices. So, I get it. Don’t ignore those feelings. Go have a cry in a cupboard. Get a cuppa. Vent to a friend over the phone. I did.
But the one thing you don’t need to panic about? Your kids learning. Really. It’s going to be OK.

Keep an Eye Out on Your Country /State / Education Department’s Advice

If your state or country is in lockdown, you don’t need to register for homeschool. Your school and your state education department will have a plan. 
Check out your local homeschool parents’ association. They will have information on homeschooling in your state. 
But what to do now? Here are some tips.

Resources for Working While Homeschooling at the Same Time

There’s a lot of information out there about working while homeschooling at the same time, especially in the wake of the developing COVID-19 pandemic.

But, for some of us more seasoned homeschoolers, not all of it passes the sniff test.

To help parents decide what’s worth reading and sharing—especially when it time to explore one’s options is limited, we’ve prepared a well-curated list.

Please be sure to stay tuned to the How to Work and Homeschool Facebook page as well, where we’ll be sharing out additional information to support families who find themselves suddenly working while homeschooling at the same time.

Note that there are six sections to this page: 
  • General information for Homeschool Families
  • Homeschooling High Schoolers
  • Homeschooling Middle Schoolers
  • Homeschooling Pre-K and Elementary Children
  • Homeschooling Special Needs Learners
  • Family Health and Wellness While Homeschooling