"Can We REALLY Work and Homeschool?"

This is a common question that I encounter, so I tossed it out to the HWHS Facebook community last week.

Here's what they said:

Homeschool Parents: Looking for Career Advice and Education Information Side-by-Side?

The How to Work and Homeschool Weekly ("Work | Live | Play | Learn - Together") made its debut today. Published Sundays via Paper.li, the virtual, auto-generated newspaper pulls content from several quality sources on the topics of career and homeschool.

The paper makes for a convenient way to take a quick look at the latest posts and articles at the intersection of work and homeschool.

You can see the first issue here. You can also subscribe using the button on the right side.

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An Open Letter to Prospective Homeschool Parents

Dear Prospective Homeschool Parent - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Once again I took to Haiku Deck to make a couple of points about homeschooling. This time it's a (self-explanatory) open letter to prospective homeschool parents.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments (below) about what resonates with you and what questions remain for you.

Better yet, come hear me speak in person!

Later this month I'm presenting in person here in Texas (February 21, 2015) and online (February 19, 2015) about the topic of homeschooling while working.

These talks will be tailored to parents of gifted/twice-exceptional children but useful to all prospective or new homeschool parents. (In Texas, I'll also be talking about my second book.)

Special thanks to the following non-profit organizations for supporting my outreach efforts this month:

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