{Book Review} "Educating Your Gifted Child"

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My friend Celi of Crushing Tall Poppies has a new book out from our mutual publisher, GHF Press. Her title is Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling.

Here's my micro-review from over at Amazon:
Celi Trépanier gently leads parents of gifted children through the landmine of choices, fears, and myths located in the transition zone between traditional education and homeschooling. As a former teacher turned homeschool parent, she has a unique, important perspective to share. The tone is conversational, but Trépanier touches upon some stark realities families of gifted and twice-exceptional children experience as they try to find the right academic "fit." A worthwhile book. Buy two. They are inexpensive and you may want to share.

You can read more about Celi's book--and purchase a print or Kindle copy--here.

"Can We REALLY Work and Homeschool?"

This is a common question that I encounter, so I tossed it out to the HWHS Facebook community last week.

Here's what they said:

Homeschool Parents: Looking for Career Advice and Education Information Side-by-Side?

The How to Work and Homeschool Weekly ("Work | Live | Play | Learn - Together") made its debut today. Published Sundays via Paper.li, the virtual, auto-generated newspaper pulls content from several quality sources on the topics of career and homeschool.

The paper makes for a convenient way to take a quick look at the latest posts and articles at the intersection of work and homeschool.

You can see the first issue here. You can also subscribe using the button on the right side.

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