A Recent Review of How to Work and Homeschool


Last month Cara at Homeschooling Hatters reviewed How to Work and Homeschool Practical Advice Tips, and Strategies from Parents as part of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum  Resource Review series.

A snippet: 
"Something else I really appreciated about this title was the abundance of no-nonsense "you can do it" attitude, complete with not only those anecdotes, but also helpful and practical tips - including several easy-to-adapt schedules. I was honestly very surprised by how simple everything sounded.  The suggestions were good ones, concrete and very realistic - none of that "change everything you've ever done right away!" stuff that so often comes in the how-to genre. It was actually a relief to see that this is something that can be managed - nothing sugar coating it, saying an endeavor like working and homeschooling simultaneously would be really easy, or everything would be sunshine and roses, but it was actually encouraging without being overwhelming." {Read More}
Truly, this may be my favorite review yet.

It's certainly the most balanced. I agree with her, for instance, that this book is not an "ultimate how-to book" but rather a no-nonsense introduction filled with stories from parents in the trenches, practical ideas, and easy-to-implement schedules.

From the first draft of the book, we know that we wanted this book to start the conversation about working while homeschooling. The topic had been glossed over and neglected for too long, and the "from Parents" part in the title reflects how much gratitude and respect my editor and I have for the dozens of parents who responded to our survey and my interviews. Moreover, aware of the enormous diversity within the homeschool community, we knew we couldn't go with a cookie-cutter approach. We wanted to demonstrate different perspectives, ideas, and tactics so that readers could begin to craft situations that work for them.  Cara's review accurately attests to what we wanted the world to understand about working homeschool families and how, if one chose to do it, one could have their family join their  our ranks.

If you've read the book and would like to continue the conversation, please find the book's page over at Facebook.com/HowtoWorkandHomeschool. I also maintain a private group over there. It's less active than the main page, but it's good for people who need to talk about these issues in a less-public forum.

Note that I've just begun drafting my second book for GHF Press, due mid-2015. During that time--and out of convenince, my Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will be my primary avenues for sharing fresh ideas and innovations related to working while homeschooling. I'd love to have you join me in one of those spaces.

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