Support for Your Work and Homeschool Journey

Pamela Price, Author

True story: I never dreamed I'd become a working homeschool parent in my late 30s.
With the choice came a lot of fantastic lessons and life experiences--and the opportunity to get to know first-hand the work/live/learn lifestyle's ups and downs. How to Work and Homeschool was, if anything, the departure point for a conversation, but the reality is that each household has distinct needs to address.

Frankly, who has time to sort through cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to apply to your unique family's needs? That's why I believe that learning how to work and homeschool is an undertaking best done in dialogue with other people, like you, who've read the book.

If you're seeking help in weaving home education into your personal tapestry of grown-up roles and responsibilities (including both your paid and volunteer work)--or if you're going back to the workplace after a few years of homeschooling, then I'd like to share with you some support options.

  • Facebook Community: This page is a fantastic resource, has a few thousand followers, and covers a range of related topics for working homeschoolers.

  • Consultations & Coaching: As a parent I appreciate that you may prefer to speak privately and confidentially about your homeschooling and workplace concerns. In that instance, a private consultation (or series of them) may be ideal. [Note that beginning 2016 I only take on a handful of clients each year.]
    •  Book Talks, Presentations, and Speeches: Depending upon the location and your travel budget, I am available to present on the topic of working homeschool parents. I'm open to Skyping with homeschool co-ops, too. 

    Questions? Curious about my rates and availability for consultations and talks? Message me via the How to Work and Homeschool Facebook page.