{F.A.Q.} Can We Both Work Full-Time and Homeschool?

As word has spread about my new book, I have begun to receive some version of this question regularly:
We love our jobs, and we do not want to give up salaries and insurance. But we think we want to homeschool our kids. Can full-time working parents do that? If so, how?

Here's my answer:

Yes, it can be done. Parents are working full-time and homeschooling their kids. 

My forthcoming book includes a list of schedule options for full-time and part-time working parents. The schedules will help you visualize how to accomplish what you want to do. I also talk at length about how single working parents homeschool their kids.

You can watch this page for updates on the book's release. It is due to be published by GHF Press in July 2013. The price will be under $6--a real value for working parents.

If you need additional support transitioning to the homeschool lifestyle--or if you just can't wait for the book, I offer workshops and private consultations for a fee. Some people express surprise that I charge for consults. I charge because, as a working homeschool parent myself, I generate revenue through my writing and coaching. (Click here for details.)

Childcare is often the single biggest hurdle for working homeschool parents. On that topic, I also suggest that you look for a copy of The Four-Thirds Solution: Solving the Childcare Crisis in America Today at your library or via Amazon.com or another retailer.

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