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Homeschool Heartbeat interviewed How to Work and Homeschool author Pamela Price in 2016 on the topic of working while homeschooling. You can hear the post, download it, or read the transcript here.

Here's an excerpt:

Mike: [What] are the characteristics of a successful working homeschool parent that you’ve seen?

Pamela: You know, they’re very inquisitive. They’re curious, they’re always looking for fresh ideas, fresh approaches. They’re open-minded. One of the big things—and this is true of any homeschooler, but I think it’s particularly true of working homeschool parents—is once you’ve decided to do it, resisting that impulse to go buy the “perfect curriculum,” and hand it out.

But the successful working homeschool parent [is one] who sits down and figures out “What way does my child learn best? Which sort of method is going to help him or her succeed in this, and how do I best teach and learn myself?” Having those conversations in a de-schooling period where you back off the traditional model for a little while and get to know one another again, and then making choices—maybe unschooling is a better fit for you, maybe more of a traditional model is a good fit for you and your kid—and then making a choice from there forward.

And then the other thing is [that] working homeschool parents have to engage in self-care. And that’s not just getting a pedicure, although that’s fun. But [it’s] finding ways to reconnect with the part of you that makes you you—whether it’s creating something, or engaging in a mindfulness practice, or prayer—whatever centers you and anchors yourself as a person, can really strengthen all the other work that you have to do.

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