Recommended Books for Homeschool Families

Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links.*

The following titles—recommended by seasoned homeschool parents—will help you get started on your journey.  

Please note that the How to Work and Homeschool book itself is outdated—and out-of-print.

So,  I am in the unusual situation of no longer recommending my own book.

Quick-Start Workbooks

If you're looking to homeschool in a hurry, these are good places to start.  Note that most of these series are available with titles for different years. You can use the link to start exploring.

The Essentials

A collection of the foundational books found in most homeschool libraries.

Inventive Approaches

Homeschool parents are a creative, inventive group. Below are some books featuring strategies that you may find useful.

* The books listed on this page are linked to Amazon via an Amazon Affiliate program. When the links are used, I receive a modest fee. If you'd prefer to find the books in a library or purchase them from a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, you can use the links to find the ISBN number, author, title, etcetera.

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