Working from Home While Homeschooling during COVID-19

In the wake of this pandemic, there's a ton of advice flying around on “how to homeschool,” but some of the central issues of this defining cultural moment are getting lost: especially for working parents.

From where we work to how we work to job loss and having a kid (or kids!) at home all day while trying to figure out where to buy food... it's a lot to process at once.

But we really are in this together.

See, even seasoned working homeschool parents are experiencing changes and disruptions to their routines.

And some folks, including myself, are finding themselves returning to home education while juggling full-time or part-time remote work.

It can feel overwhelming, but it's important for us to remember to take a breath, recenter and sort out what's truly urgent and what we can take our time with. Think of it as parenting triage.

To get through it, it's smart to collaborate and work together to solve problems (while always staying at least 6 feet away).

That's why, for the next few weeks, a few of us seasoned working homeschool moms are leaning in together to provide practical, pragmatic advice, resources for parents experiencing serious disruptions on multiple fronts.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and join us at

Pamela Price is the author of How to Work and Homeschool,  now out of print. Today she works full-time remotely in a corporate marketing department and is adjusting to a sudden return to home education.

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