Take The Parent Survey!

By Pamela Price

UPDATE: I've decided to leave the survey up indefinitely
in order to capture parent opinions on this topic.

Four years ago, as part of my research into the working-homeschool family community, I conducted an informal online survey. The response provided eye-opening insights into the demographic.

A lot can change in four years, however. For example, anecdotally speaking, interest in working while homeschooling appears to be growing. Therefore, it seems like 2016 is a good time to revisit needs, realities and interests of today's working homeschool parents in a short, 10-question survey.

(Because who has time for a long-winded questionnaire, right?)

If you're interested in participating, you'll find the survey here.

If you've got more you'd like to say than the survey will allow, however, please feel free to drop extended remarks into "Comments" here--or shoot me a message via Facebook.


Pamela Price is the author of two books, including How to Work and Homeschool (GHF Press, 2013). She blogs at RedWhiteandGrew.com.

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