{Homeschool Tips} Haiku Deck is a Great Resources for Homeschoolers (and Here's Why!)

Having used the  Haiku Deck website to design a recent presentation*, I'm in love with it as a tool for homeschoolers, too. It's incredibly easy and downright fun.

In fact I'm so excited about it, that I made a deck to illustrate its potential for home educators by using the app for iPAd.


(This is a scaled-down version. To see it in full-size, click here.)

Homeschooling With Haiku Deck - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

* Note that I had trouble with my presentation, contacted them about it, and had it fixed in no time. Great product, great customer service. 

My Favorite Online Homeschool Resources are All in One Place!

As I've said before, the work on my second book has taken over my work here on the How to Work and Homeschool website. However, I'm still using Facebook regularly to share ideas. In fact, tonight I created an album of some of my favorite online resources. Read more:

A Great Question from the How to Work and Homeschool Facebook Page

There have been a number of good questions asked on the HWHS Facebook page lately, and I do my best to answer them thoroughly.

Take for instance this query about schedules and curriculum options: