NYTimes.com Blog Post by Jennifer Kulynych Sheds Light on Working Homeschool Parents

Having shared this last night on Facebook, I wanted to post about it here, too. The entire NY Times Motherlode piece is good, but this last paragraph really resonates--and echoes what I heard while researching the book.

I can’t help thinking that there must be others like me: working professionals who, out of necessity, because the economics are so compelling, or simply for the fun of it, are home-schooling their children sotto voce, on the quiet. If we spoke up, maybe we would dispel the skepticism and the stigma. And we might argue we’re in the vanguard of educational progress. According to Wired magazine, researchers find that children make the greatest academic gains when we spend less time lecturing them and more time equipping them to teach themselves. Done right, that’s home schooling at its best. {Keep reading}

Note that you can read more material by Jennifer Kulynych at her group blog, home, school.

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