Will You Join Me in Exploring "Work and Homeschool" Issues in 2014?

Dear Readers:

Having taken a bit of break in December from blogging, I'm gearing up to tackle the issue of working while homeschooling again in earnest in 2014.

One way I'm doing that is through a new private Facebook group. Yes, the old Facebook page is still up and running, but I'm increasingly interested in exploring ways to create a sense of community around the topic of working while homeschooling. I'm finding that private groups are more effective than pages and are useful for things like special, topical chats.  (Plus, we can turn down the static of Facebook in private groups.)

Here's the banner for the new, private FB group.

Another item on my 2014 to-do list is to bring back my private workshops on how to begin homeschooling. The HWHS book will be integrated into my old online course and the content will be geared to secular homeschoolers who will work either full- or part-time.

If these things sound interesting to you, I encourage you to join me in the new private group. I'm going to give that group priority access to events.

(Oh, and feel free to invite your friends.)

Best wishes to you and yours in the New Year, 

Pamela Price

P.S. I also have a new Facebook group for my main blog, Red, White & Grew. It focuses more on lifestyle topics and writing. If that interests you, come join us!

{Giveaway} Here's Your Chance to Win a FREE Year Subscription to the Award-Winning Bookboard Service

The waters in the gulf turned calm after a brisk Thanksgiving week.

Disclosure: I am a member of Bookboard’s Blog Ambassador program. I am compensated, from time to time, with free products and monetary payments. Any views expressed in this post are completely my own.

We spent several days at the end of November in Panama City Beach, Florida. It was a wonderful trip--even with the cold front dropping the temperatures and stirring up the waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fortunately, when the weather got rough, we had some games and art supplies--and the Bookboard children's book subscription service--to keep us company. Did you know that the Bookboard folks regularly feature thematic collections of books, including this one with a beach theme?

Pictured above is a page from Lobster's Secret by Kathleen Hollenbeck and illustrated by Jon Weiman as delivered to us in Florida via Backboard. Don't the colors in the illustrations just POP on the virtual page?

Award-Winning Service

In  case you haven't heard, 2013 has been a very good year for Bookboard, the innovative children’s digital subscription library. Not only have the service's reviews been outstanding, but the company has also been recognized with several recent awards including the coveted Family Choice Award, a WebEspy, and a National Parenting Publications award.

More than that, the Bookboard team has built a solid following of families--families just like mine--who value the quality of the content available through the service. As of this posting, the service offers 400 books for kids, all accessible electronically and matched to each individual child's reading level. That's a phenomenal number of books, all of which are curated by the company's in-house librarian.

I've written about the service--and its value for working homeschool parents in particular--before here, here and here. If you've been on the fence about trying it out, then I've got some news that might help you take the plunge.

Giveaway Details

This holiday season the folks at Bookboard have graciously offered to readers of How to Work and Homeschool a chance to win a one year subscription to the service (a $59.88 value).

All you have to do register for a chance to win is:

  1. Leave me a quick note in the comments section of this post telling me why you're interested in this amazing service;
  2. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Bookboard using this specific link; and
  3. Read one book from the service no later than midnight PST on Thursday, December 5, 2013.

The winner will be selected from random by the very nice Bookboard team on Friday, December 6.

That's it--you leave a quick comment, sign up for a free trial, read a book from the curated collection with your kid (or kids), and then you've got a chance to win a free year of Bookboard.

Good luck, everyone!

P.S. I also invite you to join me in following Bookboard on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.