{Blog Book Tour} How to Find a Job After (or While) Homeschooling

This week, as part of the How to Work and Homeschool blog book tour, I'm discussing how to start a job search after you've taken a break from your career.  The host for this week's stop is Jen of Laughing at Chaos. (Thanks, Jen!) Here's the intro:

Although many families are turning to homeschooling while the parents continue their existing jobs and careers, there are far more parents (primarily mothers) who seek to find a part- or full-time job after having homeschooled exclusively for several years. In most instance their children are older and are therefore more independent and self-directed in their studies, or the kids have left the proverbial nest altogether.

Sometimes these veteran homeschoolers wish to return to an old career path; other times they may want to give some thought to changing fields. For parents in this situation, it’s beneficial to employ tried-and-true job search techniques. Yes, if you ever used your college career center, then this material will sound familiar.

If you’re in this situation now–or anticipate being in it down the road, I’ve designed a series of steps to get you started. {More}

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