{Homeschool Tips} What to Say to Your Skeptical Family about Homeschooling

This post originally appeared on my Sulia page in early 2013.

It’s quite common to encounter skeptics and naysayers of the decision to homeschool.

Yet when you’re starting out as homeschool family, the negative “static” can interfere with your gaining confidence.

Some of these pooh-poohers and their rants or “friendly, desperate pleas” aren’t worth more than a smile and friendly nod.

But if it’s YOUR Mom or Dad (or inlaws or adult siblings), then things get tricky.

Here’s the best way to handle this situation:

Arrange to talk privately with dear ol’ Mom and Dad (or sis). Tell them to vent all of their worries. Listen. Take notes. Then tell them that you will revisit this conversation once a year with them. But between those annual meetings, they are to withhold criticism of your decision–especially in front of the child–either in person or via computer or phone. (That’s right–no passive-aggressive behavior on Facebook!)

Tell them that if they violate that rule, then they cannot give you annual feedback during your family’s homeschool years.

That’s it. Most skeptics want to be “heard” and will let up. Many of them will be persuaded over time that homeschooling works.

And the hardcore dissers?

Odds are that they diss MOST of your parenting, so it’s just one more thing to bug them.

Carry on!

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