{Wisdom} Can I Homeschool and Work At Home?

Found two posts just now via Pinterest on the topic of working while homeschooling. Having shared them on Facebook, I've decided they are too good to miss.

So I'm sharing snippets here and encourage you to check out both posts.

From OurSchoolatHome.com:

"There are days where I wallow in "oh, poor me." You know...
I work at home. I don't even have a home office - just a table with a laptop on it in the middle of our main floor.
I don't use a planned curriculum, so just about everything my daughter learns requires my direct involvement.
I'd love to be able to have "free time," or even "uninterrupted time," but it never happens.
Someone still has to keep up with the dishes, the laundry and the floors, and that someone is often me.

And then I realize how blessed I really am.

I'm busy - but so are you. So is your spouse. So is your mother-in-law. So is your neighbor's sister's cousin's friend. And all of us make choices, and we make the time for what's really important to us." {More}

From Jimmie's Collage:
"Can you homeschool and work at home?

In short, yes. You can work at home and still homeschool your children. In fact, working at home, versus working in a traditional office setting, can prevent the pain of giving up two incomes that is expected in a homeschool family.
Economic factors really do matter when it comes to choosing to homeschool. I have heard some families attacked because they are too “selfish” to make the sacrifices necessary to homeschool, namely giving up mom’s income. But without knowing the financial situation of a family, those are dangerous assumptions to make. Some families truly need two incomes. And if a single mom chooses to homeschool, she normally must find a way to work at home.
Other moms may truly enjoy working and find that being a WAHM makes life more fulfilling overall. Whatever reason you choose to work at home, you can do it and still homeschool your children." {More}

If this topic is of interest to you, then I invite you to check out my forthcoming book, due out this summer.

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