{Organization} Use Workboxes to Keep Things Orderly

In my introductory homeschooling workshops, participants who want to pursue a traditional homeschooling approach (as opposed to "unschooling") often express dismay at how to keep more than one child on task with assignments.

White boards and calendars are fantastic tools, but I think that Sue Patrick's workbox system is the lynchpin in a homeschool organization system. From her website:
Children using [the workbox system] stay more focused and are more successful in learning and completing their school work independently.  With as little as one day's work in restructuring your classroom, you will provide better organization for you and your child.  It will then be easier to set up a school day of curriculum, variety and fun, while steering your child toward independence and greater focus.
For more information, visit WorkboxSystem.com.

Note that there's a Yahoo! group for parents using the system, too.

Image Source: Spell Out Loud's fantastic workbox Pinterest board

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