Learn How to Work and Homeschool via Facebook (Summer 2016)

One thing that this summer's parent survey has already revealed is that working homeschool parents like easy access to information, strategies, and ideas in their Facebook feeds. Also, newbies enjoy learning from veteran moms and dads, too--not just from "experts."  There's something satisfying (and reassuring) about hearing from real-live people who are juggling home education alongside regular adult responsibilities.

Contemplating these realities got me thinking about ways to foster dialogue between us but in a more structured format.

Hence, the new "3 Questions" series I'm launching this week on the How to Work and Homeschool Facebook page.

From late May to the end of June 2016, we'll have a weekly trio of questions related to a topic area of pressing interest to working homeschool families. Readers and myself will have a dialogue around the three questions and, from there, we'll create a fuller picture of options and realities for all of us. We'll share tips, resources, and strategies.

For easy reference, I've listed the dates and subject areas below.

As the conversations roll out, I'll come back and make following the links "hot" but your best bet is to follow the Facebook page, watch for the graphic above in your feed, and tune into the conversation as it runs.

• Week 1 (May 23): Settling on a Homeschool Approach
• Week 2 (May 30): Exploring Curriculum Options
• Week 3 (June 6): Creating Childcare Solutions
• Week 4 (June 13): Setting Up Schedules
• Week 5 (June 20): Fundamentals of Organization
• Week 6 (June 27): Homekeeping Basics

The great thing about this set up is that the conversations will stay "live" on the page indefinitely for others to find.  Also, in addition to the Q&A each week, I'll also thread the weekly topic through my posts on the page.

I hope you'll join us in this experiment--and share the invitation (and the Facebook page) with other families!

P.S. Don't forget to take the survey!

P.P.S. If you'd prefer, I am taking coaching clients this summer. More here.

Pamela Price is the author of two books, including How to Work and Homeschool (GHF Press, 2013). She blogs at RedWhiteandGrew.com.


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