February 2014 Topics in the HWHS Facebook Parent Discussion Group

Perhaps you've followed the book's Facebook page  (1200+ fans!), but have you heard about the private parent discussion group? We've got over 200 members in it, and it's growing larger every week.

The private group a marvelous collection of people from diverse backgrounds with different "reads" on working while homeschooling. Currently, we're experimenting with a weekly topic thread concept. Through it, we parse through answers to common problems. Recently we discussed scheduling and role conflicts.

Upcoming topics for this month include:

• Homeschooling a Kid Who is "Different" (special needs, high needs, gifted/2e, etc.)
• Finding Local Resources to Compliment Homeschooling
• Maintaining Motivation
• Building Community around Us

Group members also share questions of their own as well as links to articles that resonate.

As a working homeschool parent myself, I find the support very useful. And with a new book on a different forthcoming in 2015, the group is a way for me to continue to cover the topics in my workshop in a casual way. (Yes, I still do one-on-one consulting, but my schedule is filling quickly.)

If you'd like to join us, come on over. Naturally, I'd recommend you read the book, too.

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