Great Post with Scheduling Tips for Working Homeschoolers over at Hip Homeschool Moms

An excerpt:

"To have a rockin’ homeschool while working, you have to start by developing a functional schedule. One of the biggest stereotypes of homeschooling is that you have to be at home, schooling your children from 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday, to get it all done – meaning, follow the traditional school schedule. If I homeschooled Monday-Friday with set hours I wouldn’t be homeschooling anymore. The fact is that every single homeschool is different – working homeschool moms just have to be a bit more flexible. Homeschool can be done by whatever schedule you want it to be, and it can change whenever you want it to." {Read more}

If you're looking for sample schedules that you can adapt to fit your situation, please see the appendix of my book.

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