Can We Experience Work-Life Balance while Homeschooling?

Yesterday I shared this post from HuffPo in this blog's private Facebook group. It's an interview with Cisco's Padmasre Warrior on why she thinks that the pursuit of "work-life balance" is the wrong goal.

We shouldn't be emphasizing work-life balance, according to Padmasree Warrior. We should be striving for work-life "integration."

The Chief Technology Officer of Cisco, a tech giant specializing in networking, said during a Friday chat with HuffPost Live in Davos that the language surrounding how we divide our work and personal lives might be flawed.

"I came to this realization that balance suggests perfection and life isn't perfect," she said.

"I like the word integration much better. And the reason I like integration is it's not just your work and your family; you have to take care of yourself," she said. "And 'yourself' doesn't just mean your physical self, but your emotional and spiritual self."

I thought this was great, but I liked the response from one of the parents in the group even better because she tied it to the working homeschool lifestyle. I really love the parents in this group!

Here's what she said, with some edits by me:
Personally, I think it should bet the other way around, life-work integration. If we are spiritually sound and at peace within ourselves--emotional, physical and mentally--our work for others seems to find a balance.
Homeschooling and working isn't the easiest combination, however we have conquered the odds by doing it and doing it well with our children to give them the best of us. . . If we are solid within our homes and our teachings, our children will benefit by balancing all of life. . .
Everything begins at home and stems outward. Kids learn from their role models, and if we are balancing our lives [while] teaching them, in return they will be well-adjusted and balanced individuals.

What do you think?

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