What It's Like to Work and Homeschool as a... Freelance Writer

My part-time "day job" is as a freelance writer. It's a big deadline week for me, so the kiddo is accompanying me on interviews. He's getting older now and I have started to see elements of my work as learning opportunities for him.

Today alone we've discussed all kinds of useful things--story sources, ethical journalistic behavior, how to find a story idea, approaching people, and how to explain to your editor that you need to switch topics because you found a much better story.

I even had him proofread one of my articles and offer up suggestions. As it happens he had a great idea, reminding me of a detail in our encounter with the story source that I'd forgotten. What he suggested is the kind of thing that readers love, so he seems to have a natural gift for writing.

Tagging along with me, he also heard a lot today about artmaking and the importance of supporting small businesses. He expressed, too, a desire to make and sell his own gift cards using his own artwork. Very cool.

All in all, it's just another day working and homeschooling, both of us learning new things along the way.

What a gift it is to share with him.

I'd love to hear how you combine your career with homeschooling. Please leave a comment.

Pamela Price is the author of  How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents (GHF Press). She is also the founder of an award-winning blog, Red, White and Grew.


  1. I'm also a freelance writer. My daughter is still very young (5) with some high demands of my time which makes it far more difficult to homeschool and balance a career. I do look forward to the day that she's able to participate more in my interview process and maybe with grammar -- mostly I can't wait to pass on the craft of writing!

    1. Love that, Michelle! My son is young, too, so I completely understand where you're coming for. Today felt like a breakthrough, which is why I wanted to share the story here.


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