What People are Saying about "How to Work and Homeschool"

I'm loving this round-up my publisher put together of nice things said about the book thus far.

Colleen Pence, San Antonio Mom Blogger
“I love it because it’s thorough and hopeful and helpful and chock full of amazing resources for non-homeschoolers as much as it is for homeschoolers.” [Read more]

Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos

If you’re working and want to homeschool, or homeschool and want/need to work, or are already doing both and wondering how others manage everything, you really need this book.” [Read more]

Susan Sachs Lipman, Slow Family

“Most helpfully, Pamela outlines different homeschool/work scenarios and schedules, based on family needs, that would help any family consider the best way to tackle homeschool and work, philosophically and practically.” [Read more]

Jimmie Lanley, Jimmie’s Collage

“You will find something in this book that resonates with your own particular working situation.” [Read more]

To read a sample of the book on this website, click here. To preview it via Amazon, click here.

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