How Many Parents Work and Homeschool?

This short post appeared first over on Sulia, and I thought perhaps it should be cross-posted here.

According to Catherine to a 2012 post over at A Spirited Mind (she used 2007 Census stats and reportedly verified them with a Census employee), the numbers look like this:
  • 808,000 families homeschool with both parents in the work force,
  • 509,000 families homeschool with one parent in the work force and one at home,
  • 127,000 families homeschool with a single parent who works, and
  • 64,000 families homeschool without a parent in the work force.

I suspect that the current number is much higher, given the rise in interest in homeschooling.

Anyone want to volunteer to crunch some 2010 Census numbers?

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