{Book Giveaway} How to Work and Homeschool

I'm so very grateful to the many loyal readers who have helped to spread the word about How to Work and Homeschool this summer. The book launch was very successful, and I have to credit it to good friends in real life and online!

Several people have left nice reviews on Amazon, and then there were the terrific, thoughtful reviews and comments during the blog book tour.

Now, as I promised on the Facebook page, it's time to give away a copy of the book here on the blog. This giveaway is a celebration of a successful book launch! Woohoo! And because this giveaway is an act of gratitude, I'm going to make it easy for you to register for a chance to win.

Simply leave a comment below about why you want to read the book. Deadline for registration is Friday, September 13 at 5PM CDT. The winner will be selected at random from the comments only and announced the following week on my Facebook page. One quick comment--that's all it takes.

If you'd also like to pin this post to Pinterest or give me a follow and shout-out on Twitter or Facebook, then that would be much appreciated. But it's not required for this giveaway

Note, too, that if any of you are interested in a Skype-based Q&A author chat with me for your homeschool group or co-op this academic year, note that you can message me via the Facebook page and we'll see what we can set up.

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