{Organization} Make the Most of Your Space by Converting Dining Room to an Office

I've found in my research that many homeschool parents are willing to reconsider how they want to use existing spaces in their homes. This is especially true of work-at-home parents who find they need to carve out space to keep their work materials.

We moved our farmhouse-style table to the breakfast nook a few years ago, laid down some hardwood in the former dining room, purchased bookshelves and a desk, and voila! I had an at-home office for my freelance work. Recently I added two low wooden filing cabinets behind the couch. The rest of the furniture is inherited and showcases collections of stemware and other items. I love it!

Given the small size of our family, this was a practical solution. We seldom used the dining room anyway and the small table that was in the breakfast space has a new home in the playroom.

I'd love to hear from other homeschool parents who have made similar decisions to adjust their homes to fit their lives.

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  1. OMG! I just did that!! Against hubby's better judgement, I got myself a desk IN the dining room. SOOOOO much happier with a place to put all my junk (instead of leaving it on the dining table). I'll send you a pic!


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