{Homeschool + Work} How Libraries Might Serve Working Homeschool Parents

 It's really easy for me to imagine a space like this
one--Parman Branch Library in San Antonio, Texas--
filled with working homeschool parents. 

A post over at MindShift has me contemplating the relationship between homeschoolers and libraries.

The piece cites an unnamed librarian who responded to a Pew Research study on library services in the digital age:
"I believe public libraries should move away from being ‘houses of knowledge’ and move more towards being ‘houses of access.’ This is what the public is asking for and we are here to serve them.”
Houses of access.

Houses of co-working, too, perhaps?

It's no secret that huge chunks of my forthcoming book were written at the downtown branch of the San Antonio Public Library while our son attended science camp at the local children's museum. On more than one occasion, I typed furiously on my iPad (thank heavens for Evernote!) while our son played on the grounds of the Parman Library location.

As home education becomes more popular, we will see more and more working homeschool parents in search of collaborative spaces in which to crank out work with peers while their children read, research, and perhaps attend micro-courses.

Libraries, I hope, will pay heed to that demographic and respond.

Does your library reach out to homeschool families? If so, how?

Note: I've extended registration for my How to Homeschool workshop until Sunday, June 2 at 5pm CST. A few spaces remain for the workshop which is come-and-go and therefore incredibly convenient for working parents to attend. Details are here.

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