{Giveaway} How to Homeschool Workshop Giveaway!

I'm pleased to announce that I have two tickets to giveaway for next week's How to Homeschool virtual workshop (June 3 - 7).

This is my fifth time to offer this online course.*

If you are seriously contemplating homeschool, this workshop may help save you a lot of stress, strain, and money.

Yes, money.

Because we spend so much time in the workshop helping you determine the "right fit" for your family's homeschool experience, you're less apt to purchase the "wrong" kind of curriculum. The group is small and therefore personalized.

This workshop is both faith-based and secular friendly. And we're really good at helping you discern how to juggle homeschool, work, volunteer, and caregiving responsibilities.

• For a complete description of the class, see my EventBrite.com page. •

Interested in registering for a chance to win one of the two free spaces that I have available?

Here are the four ways that you can enter the giveaway:

• Leave a comment on this post at HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com about why you are interested in the workshop.
• Tweet this message on Twitter:

Yes! Working parents CAN homeschool their kids. HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com c: @RedWhiteandGrew

• Repin this post on Pinterest.
• Leave a comment on the HowtoWorkandHomeschool.com Facebook page.

The giveaway registration deadline is 5PM CDT Thursday, May 30, 2013. The winner will be selected at random.

Prefer to purchase your own ticket for the workshop. Click here.

* Please note that a working Facebook account is required of all workshop participants.


  1. I am taking the leap into homeschooling next school year with my oldest son. I have two younger children at home plus I blog and run our house so I'd love to learn ways to accomplish all of those tasks without pulling my hair out.

  2. My husband and I have decided to homeschool our kids and are taking on this exciting opportunity while we both work full-time. I've been looking for support groups for working homeschool parents and am thrilled to have found you! Would love to attend this workshop!

  3. This workshop sounds exactly what I'm looking for as I am exploring the many homeschooling options that are available and its a bit overwhelming! I could really use this guidance as my husband and I work full-time. We really want to inspire a love of learning in our two boys.Thank you!

  4. We're getting close to getting registered, and I just want to learn as much as I can! Loved the first workshop with you, and would love to do this one as well!

  5. Just announced the winners over on my FB page. Lori, you were one of them! The other was Brenda and her win came via Pinterest!

  6. I am considering homeschooling next year with my son, and I am wondering how to do this, and still manage time for myself. I would love to learn more through your workshop.


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