A Lovely Compliment About My Forthcoming Book

My friend Colleen wrote this about my new book on Sulia.com this morning:

Although I don't currently have plans to homeschool, I'm eager to read it to learn how she's successfully working and homeschooling at the same time.

My son is home sick today and I'm working on several deadlines. I'd love to learn some of Pamela's tips for getting work done while caring for (or teaching) small children.
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Here's why I love this post (besides the obvious "flattery will get you everywhere, Colleen" aspect):
  1. All parents homeschool in one way or another or at one time or another. The "walls" between the worlds of home, private, and public school are permeable and will become even more so as we reconsider how education is "done" in this country, embracing new concepts like "flipped classrooms."
  2. Caring for and teaching children are pretty much the same thing. They are always learning and we're always teaching. Homeschooling embraces that idea--and afterschoolers are now embracing it, too. I think the book will help both groups of people set aside time to honor those natural impulses.
  3. This book isn't really "my" book as much as "our" book. Over 100 parents contributed their stories and ideas on making homeschooling and working fit together.
 I'd love to hear more from those of you who anticipate reading it, too! What are you hoping to learn from it?

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