Did You Know that April 25 is Take Your Kid to Work Day?

 This post by me originally appeared at Sulia.com. It has been modified slightly from the original.

As a working homeschool parent and freelance writer, my kiddo has been present for:

- Several long editorial sessions attended by a publisher, myself (as a managing editor), and the advertising director for a regional magazine
- Inquiry calls with potential sources for stories
- On-sight interviews for feature and business stories
- Research visits to the library
- Conference calls with publishers and editors for various writing projects

More often than not, I try to synchronize my work so that his own schedule isn't disrupted too much. But that's not always easy. Which is how once I ended an interview trying to catch my then-two-year-old as he chased a mule.


(Yes, the kind that KICK!)

Mule-chasing aside, it's been an adventure.

For him and for me.

Every day.

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