{Organization} Basics of Creating a Weekly Work & Homeschool Schedule

There's no "perfect" calendar that balances out everything a working homeschool parent must do. And I find that every week is always at least a little different than the previous week.

However, it's always nice to have a general schedule from which to work, if for no other reason than it helps with time management.

The best way to approach designing is to outline what exactly needs to go into a typical week.

Sketch out the following:

• An outline of your weekly work schedule
• How many hours per week that your child needs for educational pursuits
• How much time you want to allocate to extracurricular activities
• How much time that you want to dedicate to tending your home and lawn/patio
• How much time you want to allocate to self-care pursuits (exercise, faith-based activities)
• How much "free" time that you want for yourself and your family

Working with these components, piece them together into a weekly calendar. Then give your new schedule a test run, revisit what works and what doesn't, and fiddle with it until you get a calendar with which you can live. Consider posting it in a visible place.

Note that I find when working with parents that an old-fashioned college schedule worksheet--you know, the ones that you used to plan out your semester schedule--are a perfect template. (A free Excel template can be found here.)

The Takeaway:

You can create a customized weekly schedule that fits your household's needs with just a little effort.

P.S. If you'd like to see how other working homeschool parents manage their time, see the sample schedules in the back of How to Work and Homeschool.

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